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In the world of news, sports is one of the few topics that rarely bogs down. The reason for this is that most sports fans and media enthusiasts are not that interested in sports as a whole. Sports, such as horse racing and soccer for example, have always been popular. However, news about those sports and current events surrounding them is always intriguing to sports journalists who need to provide a wide variety of sources for their reporting. The following are some examples of sports stories that get a lot of attention in the news:

Winter Olympics coverage is always a big story. People like to see how the athletes do in front of the cameras and the news reporters need to be able to cover every aspect of the games. While many sports are covered more during the summer months, such as golf and basketball, winter sports are much harder to cover because the sports can only take place outside for several months out of the year. Therefore, news outlets must find ways to get all the relevant information quickly and without compromising their own reporting.

Another great sports story that gets a lot of attention in the news is any controversy or player disagreement. This can range from the most petty dispute to the most serious. Controversies like the NFL draft and the recent steroid scandal is exciting for sports fans. However, most people are more interested in the stories that involve athletes using performance enhancing drugs. It’s hard for a sports story to break in the news that revolves around a well-known athlete, but when it comes to controversy, sports fans will always want to know what happened.

One example of a sports story that goes very viral is a photo of former Miss Universe contestant Alicia Silverstone apparently striking a man with her arm. The photo quickly went viral on the internet, generating millions of views and prompting plenty of comments from people wondering how she could hit a guy with that. The story was picked up by various news outlets, and soon magazines. Because the incident was captured on video and showed Silverstone striking the man, the case made national news. The incident brought about a number of new stories regarding sports journalism, especially sports journalism involving athletes.

Many sports coverage involves controversial or heated situations. In many cases, sports teams try to make sure their players’ conduct is above reproach so the team can continue to be successful. However, some controversial incidents occur in situations that are not easily disputed. When these situations arise, there’s little a news organization can do but to report the facts. Sometimes having an athletic commission present is a good way to mitigate the effect of a bad situation.

Sports stories that become viral in news circles usually center on a star player or a controversial situation that has happened during a game. Reporters covering a sporting event will want to get all the facts from multiple sources, and that’s when they may need an expert to provide newsworthy information. Sports journalism is not one of those industries that are immune to changing technology. As technology becomes more advanced, sports coverage that was once done quickly and easily is becoming more difficult. As a result, news organizations may turn to experts in the news to cover athlete issues.

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