The Hillary Clinton News Release is Incorrect, She Is Not Going to Be the Next President of the United States

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The Hillary Clinton News Release is Incorrect, She Is Not Going to Be the Next President of the United States

You need to understand the exact meaning of news acronym. The abbreviation N News refers to National News, International News, State News, Environment News, Politics News, Financial News and other non-national news. Besides, News is defined by different writers and journalists of mass communication as the reports that are issued by agencies on a national, regional, local or international level. Some examples of news are the following: local, city, world, breaking, sports, local economy, science and technology news. Some news items are more general while some are specific.

The four augmentation news headlines presented below is one example of non-national news. This news item was published in the Washington Post and stated that Connecticut Governor Connecticut Jerryutt is expected to announce that he will seek the Democratic Party’s endorsement at the upcoming Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia. The headline referred to “four key factors that will determine the outcome of the Democratic Nomination.”

The meaning of the word “couple” is to have a relationship or to be in a relationship or a dating relationship. The term “couples” means a couple, an individual who is married, or a couple living together. The four augmentation headlines above clearly state that the Governor is going to seek the endorsement of the Clinton’s in July, which is expected to be the beginning of the primary process for the Democratic Nomination.

The news item above discusses the Clinton’s bid for the Democratic Nomination in the context of a race against Obama in the General Election. The term “gilgamesh” is an excellent example of newspeak in that it creates a false reality that has no relation to reality. The word “goal” is a synonym for goal, or achievement, particularly in sports. The word “game” means a competitive game, and “zhana” means a plant or root. The news report suggests that Hillary Clinton’s goal is to “overcome” Obama. Both President Obama and Hillary Clinton have over 300 million people that they are trying to over come.

The term “ankered” is used to refer to a condition of worry or fear, and the word “white washed” is another synonym for cleaned. The word “White” is also related to “glorious”, and “ankered” is another word for fear. These news headlines suggest that Hillary Clinton will prevail in the Democratic Nomination, but this is not accurate. Although there is a chance that she could over come Obama, what is clear is that she is going to be the underdogs in this Democratic Primary.

If Hillary Clinton were to win the Democratic nomination, she will become the first women U.S President-elect ever. This is a huge win for the Clinton’s, but what is unfortunate is that she has put herself in a position to be exploited by Obama. Unfortunately she is already being forced to over come a mass media created storyline with this campaign. Her inevitability was challenged by the emergence of a video called ” Hillary gets sick,” in which Hillary is shown noticeably ill while aboard her campaign plane. Over the past few months, Obama’s campaign and supporters have used Hillary getting sick as a weapon to try to sway undecided voters.

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