Types of News Interested in by People Everywhere

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With a new virus being diagnosed daily, there are many ways to stay informed. One way is through the media, where major health stories are reported, analyzed, and edited. Examples of news regarding health that are shared widely on the Internet include: a baby born with birth defects; a cancer patient who beat breast and ovarian cancer; a baby who just had a surgery to remove a brain tumor; a story about a baby born with amnesia. These types of news are usually reported by local television stations, but the Internet has also given these types of stories a national audience.

Examples of news that can be shared on the Internet can be found on blogs and other personal webpages. In a news article, for example, a specific disease or health condition is described, with enough information so that the average person can understand the issue. Many times, the article will also contain links that readers can follow to learn more about the issue, including possible causes, treatments, and prevention methods. Publications such as WebMD and Mayo Clinic offer free information about many health conditions, such as diabetes, cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Another way to stay informed about the latest news about health is through television news. Major network news shows often feature stories about current health topics, often with interviews from doctors, specialists, and other experts. A network may feature a health segment with a reporter who explores new products, research, or new techniques for treating or preventing a particular disease. Other news stories focus on more general topics that people may not consider as serious. Examples include: a wedding proposal videographer making an appearance on a popular TV show, or the latest scoop about an upcoming movie. Popular daytime television shows, like The Bachelor, Supergirl, Smallville, and The Walking Dead, often feature interviews with medical experts about current health concerns.

Many people turn to the Internet to read about current affairs, or they may simply surf the net to check out breaking news stories. In addition to traditional media sources, such as newspapers, magazines, and television news shows, people can also look up key terms in the Google news bar, as well as find numerous blogs and social networking sites dedicated to health and the elderly. A search of “senior news” will return a myriad of related blogs and websites. Online news is also frequently updated by RSS feeds, so frequent news updates are possible even on the weekend.

Videos are another source of quick, visual news. They can include news blurbs, videos of celebrities, or any other footage that may be important to a particular topic. News videos can also be posted directly to YouTube. Some videos go viral very quickly, getting millions of views in a short period of time. For example, a car accident video filmed in a California grocery store went viral in less than a day, receiving over half a million views in the first day.

A final, related type of news is considered topical news, which is generally reports about current events that may affect a country or region. Examples include political news, local news, and international news. Many newspapers publish topical stories on a weekly basis. Many television news shows also include a topical report, often focusing on a certain city, state, or country on a weekly basis. When it comes to the news, there are so many sources available that it would be impossible to cover them all.

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