Why the Least Known Benefits of Obama’s Merits Explained?

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Why the Least Known Benefits of Obama’s Merits Explained?

It seems like every week there is a new international report about how the world’s economy is slowing down or worse off. It seems that every few years we hear the same sad statistics about how our economy is contracting and how it may hurt the American people in particular. The truth of the matter is that the United States has been the strongest country to recover from any kind of financial problem in the world over the past two hundred years. This is because we have always known that the strength of our dollar depends on the health of our economy and the strength of our national interest. In fact, our government is mandated by law to protect the American people from any foreign influence that might prevent us from protecting our currency.

In this case, some are trying to influence us against the United States and trying to get us to re-elect Obama and his economic policies. Although, most of the media coverage seems to be negative towards the United States and pretty much blames us for the current global recession, there is some news reports that actually says the opposite. There are many different international reports about the economic issues of the world today. In fact, the Los Angeles Times even published an article recently about the world’s poor state of the economy. A lot of this poor economic report comes from direct warnings that are sent to American citizens from around the world.

These people are getting a bit more frustrated with our leadership at the State Department and they are trying to make their own opinions known about our country and our politicians. Some are even blaming our leadership for the rise of Hezbollah and other international terrorist organizations. It seems that a lot of people do not like either Obama or Clinton for whatever reason and are unsatisfied with our leadership and their style of dealing with the world. Unfortunately, we cannot control what people say about us and our government, but we can control what we do.

It is important to always pay attention to the world economy so that we can fight it and win. If we do not, we risk losing our ability to be the greatest nation in the world and to help out our neighbors in need. This is not a time for politics, it is time for leadership. Unfortunately, we seem to have lost sight of this in this election. Instead we are going to focus on who can best lead our country and keep the American people safe.

One thing I notice about the media today is that they are not reporting the good things that Obama has done. It is almost as if they don’t want people to remember him for anything else, because he did do some really good things during his campaign. One example was when he called for unity and diplomacy, not war, with Russia and Iran. In fact, he talked about peace in general and how he invited the foreign leaders to our nation to help mediate world peace. Unfortunately, the media ignored this very valuable message and instead focused on who said the bad words and we shouldn’t listen to them, or we may as well forget what they have to say.

It seems that somehow we cannot get enough of politics, however, that is one thing we should leave politics up to and not go around government trying to make people follow your lead. We need to be the better informed citizen and vote. After all we are the ones who decide who governs ourselves, not the politicians. So, I ask; can you say that you understand the importance of the media in this process and how they shape our society?

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